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You Tube Singing At It's Best

Old School Flavor

Pastor E.Dewey Smith Jr. Sings God Specializes-Classic Hymn

God Specializes

Voices of Bountiful Blessings - That Name

sing Richard Smallwood's "That Name". Soloist, Sis. Tabitha Pryor This was song several years ago ...

Praaay For Me- Praise & Worship @ Greater Travelers Rest

2007 Praise & Worship, goin down Memory Lane with this song

I Still Have Joy- E.Dewey Smith Jr. Sings

After All The Things I've Been Through, I Still Have Joy

GMWA National Mass Choir "Everything I Need, You Are"

The Gospel Music Workshop of America, Inc. Mass Choir sings "Everything I Need, You Are". New Orleans native Jackie Tolbert is singing the lead solo.

"I Got It!"

This is a clip from back in the tent revival days. Watching this will make you think of how old time Pentecostal church used to be.

Bishop G. E. Patterson - Oh My Record Will Be There

Bishop G E Patterson - Oh My Record Will Be There

Voices of Bountiful Blessings "I Can Go to God in Prayer"~Elder Carlis Moody (Temple of Deliverance ...

The Voices of Bountiful Blessings sing an old 'throw-back', "I Can Go to God in Prayer". Elder Carlis Moody is leading.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus Song- E.Dewey Smith Jr. Sings

Thank God for Rev. Timothy Wright for writing this song.

Temple of Deliverance Youth & Young Adult Choir

Temple of Deliverance Youth & Youth Adult Choir ministering in song on May 17, 1992

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